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Nosi Ghirlando

Nosi Ghirlando (22 October 1908 - 1 August 1964) was a Maltese comic actor. He was the first actor who played the famous Karmena Abdilla.

Nosi lived in Tripoli as a child and lost his mother when he was just 2 years old. As a young actor, he even frequently played female characters. He co-founded the theatrical companies Maleth and Ribalta. He was occasionally invited to be a special guest during Stage Commandos shows. He joined Radju Muskettieri asking Charles Clews to create a lively female character to play on the radio show. That character was Karmena Abdilla. Eventually, 'It-Tieġ ta’ Karmena Abdilla' became the most successful local stage comedy of all time.

Ghirlando raised his 8 children alone after his wife died at a young age.

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