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Norma M. Saliba

Norma M.Saliba was born on 28 April, 1981. Grew up at is-Siġġiewi. She is a Journalist, Presenter. Get her education in Siġġiewi Primary School, (1986-1997), after between (1992-1997) went to the Secondary at Marija Reġina Junior Lyceum , Blata l-Bajda, and between (1997-1999) Went to Gian Franġisk Abela Junior College at l-Imsida. And between (1999-2002) went to University of Malta Tal-Qroqq at Msida where she get BA (Hons) Comteporay Mediterranean Studies. While between (2004-2006) Norma studies at University of Malta Tal-Qroqq at Msida – MA European Studies.

Apart from practicing sports (running and swimming), She co-write the sports article of our village magazine Siġġiewi together with my father, Mario Saliba, who is also a sports journalist.

At University, I was elected in the editorial board of a new students’ organization INSITE and I was the Editor of The Voice, a monthly newspaper which had a circulation of 10,000 copies (since January 2001). When I was in office I set up the website ( and also produced a radio programmed for the University Radio, apart from being in charge of the editor’s work in the mentioned newspaper. In Summer 2001, I was elected PRO of the Arts Students’ Association (ASA), a newly established organization targeting to cater for the Faculty of Arts students, a post which she occupied for that academic year.

Since 1999 I was engaged with ONE Productions Ltd. as a freelance sports journalist and producer. My responsibilities included the production and presentation of sports news, discussion programmes, conducting vox pops and interviews with sports personalities. I was also entrusted with the production of documentaries and features on sports specialization topics. In this capacity I had the opportunity to interview world renowned sports personalities the like of Jonathan Edwards (Triple Jump World Record Holder), Roberto Bettega (Juventus Vice-President), Phil Thompson (Liverpool Vice-Chairman), Jacques Santini (France National Team Coach), Manchester United team 2000 (Beckham, Barthez, Ferguson, and so on), Marcello Lippi (when in the helm of Inter, now Juventus coach), Gary Neville (Manchester United player), Emile Heskey and Andy Cole (during England’s friendly game vs Malta.

From 2 January, 2008 to 31 September, 2008 Norma worked in the Planning & Priorities Co-Ordination Division at Prime Minister Officer as a Project Manager I used to be responsible for the Communication and Evaluation of both ERDF and ESF projects. Part of the job was to draft specifications in order to issue various Media-related Tenders. Another duty was to download and input text, data, pictures and photographs on the PPCD website. Media Relations was also part of my day-to-day responsibilities, including issuing Fact Sheets on EU Structural Funds, publishing Press Releases in Maltese and English to launch Call for Proposals under Operational Programmes I and II, co-ordinating interviews with journalists, organising conferences and seminars as part of the Information Sessions to beneficiaries, compiling Progress Reports and Interim Evaluations of ERDF and ESF Projects. I used to be the Malta representative at monthly meetings held in Brussels for EU member states both by DG EMPL and DG REGIO.

From 1 January 2007 to 31 Dicember, 2009 she was involved as MT Styleclinic Tuition Couse as a General Knowledge Lecturer and carried out two hour lectures on history, geography, culture, and contemporary issuesoccurring both locally and internationally. A class of females, ranging from 16 to 61+ year olds attended the lectures as part of a course targeted for those who want to enhance their knowledge on various aspects, be it hair & beauty to first aid, food, wine, poise, fitness, and also general knowledge. The ultimate aim of the course was to provide the necessary information for women to learn how to look and feel better. The course was created by Nirvana Azzopardi and Francesca Rizzo.

Between 01 October 2008 and 30 May 2011 works with Favourite Channel a Private Tv Station as New Manager / Newscaster and she was responsible for the editorial content of the News. On a daily basis, I track and monitor all news occurring both in Malta and abroad. This allows me to anticipate the news agenda, thus planning the daily news stories, assigning them to the journalists and cameramen/editors. I evaluate the news stories, proofread them, and assist in the pre-and post- production of the news items. Moreover, I regularly provide training to the staff so that they can enrich their knowledge on news content, BA rules and regulations, and audio-visual issues – e.g. voice projection and stand-uppers. Part of my job consists of the daily administrative issues e.g. logistics, HR and other matters. I regularly read the News, both the main bulletin at 20.15 hours and brief daily updates during the day. I co-ordinate the daily uploading of features on another local online news portal

Norma stared working as with National TV & Radio Station as a Journalist Current Affairs Main activities and responsibilities and she carry out on site reporting locally and overseas. Reports are then transmitted both for news and current affairs programmes. This is done after consulting with the News Manager and News Coordinator, while drafting the news and current affairs and sport programmes plan. As I am in charge of producing and presenting the daily breakfast show ‘TVAM’ on TVM, I monitor current issues which are related to domestic affairs, in order to develop stories. Moreover, I edit visual and audio work and operate video and audio editing equipment.

Between 21 June, 2011 and 31 July, 2013 she works with MEUSAC where she was responsible for all Media-related work such as handling public relations, maintaining contacts with the media and advertising agencies, and discharging duties in connection with different media (including TV, radio, the print media and the internet). Moreover, I am in charge of MEUSAC’s publications, such as the bi-weekly MEUSAC News and the production and presentation of a weekly radio programme Sehemna fl-Ewropa on Radju Malta. Other main duties consist of ensuring web presence and content distribution, monitoring audience perception, maximising the use of all forms of social media applications and web tools, and also create media strategies on the basis of approved budgets and agreed timeframes.

Norma M.Saliba

Between 1 September 2002 and 31 July, 2003 Norma worked at the General Workers Union, and was in charge of a Socrates-Grundtvig transnational cooperation project funded by the European Commission, amounting to €260,000. The project, titled EuroSafe, assisted the workers to increase their knowledge on RSI, commonly renowned as RSI or Muscular-skeletal Disorders (MSD), are the primary source of occupational health complaints reported by workers. The Project aimed at providing the following outputs : research on the topic, a survey, a curriculum, a core course, a policy paper, a website and a centre housing with a specialised library and teaching resources on the issue. I was responsible for all major activities and project outcomes. This included the coordination of the different independent strands of action within the project and the completion and consolidation of the whole project. Throughout the process I had to execute effective communication skills, team work.

meeting strict deadlines, conducting surveys, and monitoring the financial aspect of the project. In addition I was entrusted to set up a website, a library and devise an effective information system comprising the collating of data, documentation and reporting systems. I was also in charge to coordinate all aspects of the project with our partners, auditors and the representatives of the European Commission. My terms of reference included also media and public relations. During this period I was also appointed to represent the GWU in various conferences and seminars on various issues. On most occasions these events were appropriate occasions to exchange knowledge and make further contacts with other EU and Accession countries.

Between 13 October, 2004 and 31 December, 2007 Norma carried out on site reporting locally and overseas. Reports were then transmitted both for news and current affairs programmes. This was done after consulting with the News Manager and News Coordinator, while drafting the news and current affairs and sport programmes plan. As I specialise in European Union affairs, I monitor current issues which are related to domestic affairs, in order to develop news story items. Moreover, I edit visual and audio work and operate video and audio editing equipment. I used to regularly read the News, both the main bulletin at 20.00 hours and the News in Brief at 18.00 and the News in English at 19.00. she was involved in an in-house cultural/lifestyle programme called ‘Montage’; she was responsible for the production, script writing, narration and PR & Sales of this programme, which won the Best Lifestyle Award at the Malta TV Awards 2007.

Presently Norma is presenting a tv program from Monday to Friday TVAM with presenter Pablo Micallef.

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