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Noel Attard (born 15 April 1966) is an artist from Malta.

He started studying art at Savio College. Later he pursued his studies at the Malta Government School of Arts, Valletta, at Targa Gap School of Art and at the University of Malta where he graduated in History of Art in 2006.

From his first participation in a collective output at Bath, England with the Malta Society of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce, back in 1998, he never looked back and has participated in a considerable number of collective exhibitions both locally and abroad to this present day. In 2003 he held his first solo exhibition at St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity. Always inquisitive in his quest for artistic autonomy and originality in 2007 set up another solo exhibition, this time at the National Blood Transfusion Center, Malta. In 2009 he held his last solo exhibition to date, this time at the Loggia, National Fine Arts Museum, Valletta. Together with four other renowned contemporary artists on the island, in 2007, he was asked to embellish the State Council Hall at the Presidential San Anton Palace.

Noel's art is a tribute to life in general and often shows the emotional state the artist is in when depicting a particular piece of work. His works forms an essential part of his lifestyle and are thus an integral part of his life.

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