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The New Victorians is a sister musical duo from Malta made up of sisters Bettina and Philippa Cassar. Who together with their family and pet chameleon, live in the small village of Bidnija, Malta, have made music together all their lives.

Philippa used to push Bettina away from the camera to be the only one in the home-movie. Twinkle Twinkle little star was her favorite solo. Now they’ve matured. Phil doesn't extremely mind if her older sister stands next to her and sings along. It's even OK if she shows. They have embraced their sisterhood and here's the product.

After playing together for their cousin's wedding a few years ago they realized they should continue their collaboration.

Bettina, 22, started piano lessons at the age of seven, and by 12 began experimenting with writing her first handful of songs. Enjoying the classical background she was exposed to along the years, she graduated with a B.A. in Music (Composition Hons.) at the University of Malta.

Philippa, 19, was taught four chords on guitar by her mother, at 6 and followed it up. She then pursued vocal training, delving into the performing arts at the age of 13, and recently starred as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz Panto. Along the years she took on the role of becoming her sister's top critic and song modifier.

In December 2011 the duet competed in the international Alchemy Songwriting Competition, Arkansas, USA, where they were the youth division winners. Following that success, doors were opened locally encouraging the duo to work towards recording their own album.

With their admiration for artists such as Mumford & Sons, Florence and the Machine, Noah and The Whale, Regina Spektor, Bombay Bicycle Club, Laura Marling, Newton Faulkner, and The Beatles among others, the two are sure to strike listeners with their quirky style and characteristic harmonies.

Continuing on in the path of the innovative Victorians who brought about much change, the pair believe too many people stop because too few say ‘Go!’. Thus, their music encourages a generation to seize the day.


There is something about sisters. Sisters are friends and partners and soul mates. Sisters share stories and clothes and tears and wine. Sisters talk and listen and fight and compete. Sisters resemble each other, but are also very different. Sisters have conversations, silly and honest and deep and enlightening.

Their music is all that and more.

Sister duo, Bettina and Philippa, are sure to strike listeners with their quirky antifolk style and uplifting harmonies; their soft indie sound and acoustic arrangements; and the genuine lyrics and memorable melodies that make up their songs.

On 26 May, 2015 day launhingthair debutt Cd Album named Seeker Seeker' at 'Waterbiscuit' at 'St Julians, and they also made a concert on the first day of the Earth Garden at the Grecc theatre at Ta' Qali

The Band

The New Victorians got a band with them they are:-

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