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Nathan Aquilina

Nathan Aquilina was born in Mqabba on the 6 March, 2003. He is and Actor, Presenter.

At the age of 10 when he was in year 6 at the Mqabba Primary School his teacher gave him a main part in the school's Christmas concert. He had a part of a big boy which wasn't eating any healthy food but he used to eat many junk foods. At the end of Year 6 , he wrote and directed a 15 minute play in maltese about 'Wenzu u Rozi' and he played the part of Rozi.

When Nathan started to attend at the St.Benedict's College in Ħal-Kirkop he went for the school's pantomime audition and he was chosen for a part. He played a part of one of the seven dwarfs in the story of Snow white and from that time onwards he used to play several main parts in the productions that Benedittu Productions within St.Benedict's College do during the scholastic year.

When Nathan was 11 years old his parents applied him to start attending to a local drama school. During the end of summer he played the part of Dom Mintoff ( a prime minister and leader of the Malta Labour Party ) in the documentary ' L-Ewwel 50 ' which commemorated the 50th year of Malta Independent and that was Nathan's debut on the maltese television screens. From that time onwards he played some small roles which were aired on television in several short clips.

Nathan Aquilina in one of his Panto’s

In 2015 Nathan attended for a workshop with Rewind Productions and then he did some courses as well. As an end of year production Nathan with another group of students which all had attended the courses with Rewind Productions , wrote and acted in a maltese short film 'Ċans tad-Deheb' which is also on YouTube.

During this scholastic year Nathan is doing Level 2 in a workshop which the school offered in collaboration with MCAST. In 2017, Rewind Productions offered Nathan a great opportunity to take part in one of their local drama's 'Manwela' and Nathan is playing the role of 'Mario Bernard'. The director in school offered Nathan to present the festival L-Għanja tal-Poplu – Żgħażagħ 2018 which was held on 2nd March,2018 in the theatre of St.Benedict's College.

Nathan Aquilina would like to thank his parents and family that had always supported him to start acting, all the teachers in school that pushed Nathan forward to keep going and interpret different characters each year , Rewind Productions that had believed in him and offered him such an opportunity to start working on one of their drama's , his sponsor 'The Ultimate Barber' for taking care of his hair and finally Nathan would like to thank all his supporters.