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Mystic Diversions is an ambient lounge trio based in Italy.

The Mystic Diversions project is the result of the musical sensibility of Francesko (real name Francesco Puccioni), a musician and composer from Florence, who is well-known for his past successes under the stage-name of Mike Francis.

What started out as a World Music project became a fascinating journey into Ambient and Lounge, with audible influences from ethnic, latin and the world of RnB and Soul, all filtered through the taste and sensitivity of Francesko, his brother Mario Puccioni, Aidan Zammit and all the other artists he invited aboard.

Francesko left this world on the 30th January 2009 - Mystic Diversions is part of his legacy and will be continued by Mario and his fellow band members.

The album Angel Soul was release on Monday 15 November 2010.



  • Crossing The Liquid Mirror
  • Beneath Another Sky
  • Colours
  • From The Distance
  • Wave A Little Light
  • Angel Soul

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