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Mro. Joseph Vella

Mro Joseph Vella A. Mus. L.C.M., A. Mus. L.S.M, L.Mus. L.C.M., F.V.C.M. was born in Birkirkara on 15 February 1955.

The musical inclination towards art started from when he was still a child, and his father Ċensu which was a band musician with the band Għaqda Mużikali Sant’ Elena, of Birkirkara, further encourages it to learn a musical instrument, he chose clarinet. At 11 years, Mro Vella began his musical study, at the Mro. Joseph Zammit At 11 years, the Mro. Vella began his musical study, at Mro. Joseph Zammit where in 1969 he joined as bandsmen, with Saint Helen's Band of Birkirkara.

Mro.Vella continued his studies in harmony, counterpoint and history at Mro. Lawrence Borg F.L.C.M.

In June 1992 obtained the Diploma A.Mus L.C.M. The study does not stop there because five years later in November of 1997, has obtained another Diploma that of L.Mus. L.S.M. as well as the Diploma F.V.C.M. who acquired it in May of 2001 which was prepared by Mro Manuel Pirotta. In the same year was awarded 'Certificate for Qualified Teacher at Victoria Collage of Music of England. Mro. Joseph Vella still studying till today where in the period ahead and is expected to bring more diplomas.

Mro. Joseph Vella

On Saturday 1st October 2005 Aniċi Band and Social Club appointed, to Maestro Joseph Vella as the new Band Bandmaster.

Mro Joseph Vella as already mentioned is very renowned in the musical field, it also demonstrates the various bands that he's their bandmaster are Għaqda Mużikali Sant’ Elena of Birkirkara, Soċjeta Filaminica La Vittoria Mellieħa, Għaqda Mużikali Madonna ta’ Lourdes of San Ġwann and Għaqda Mużikali San Gabriel of Ħal-Balzan.

This reflects the ability and popularity to be, in our country. The first composition he wrote to the organization Socio-Musical Anici as bandmaster, was a colorful march entitled "The new headmaster". this march was included in a set of colorful marches was recorded Wednesday 25 January 2006, which the headmaster Vella debut as a band Anici bandmaster. The first direction of Mro Vella with Anici band was precisely during Prise Day held Sunday 4 December 2005.

The first appearance with the band as bandmaster during march in the streets of Ħal-Qormi was precisely Sunday 18 December 2005 during the march on the occasion of Christmas. Mro Joseph Vella has several musical works in the Union such as funeral marches and colorful and even authored classical music specially for this band. In fact the 20th anniversary of the official opening of the Socio-Musical Association Anici in 2008 wrote 'Overture' to get the name of this wonderful musical work anniversary.

Mro Joseph Vella is married to Carol nee Ellul and has two sons Etienne and Josephine.