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Sunday 02 Dec 2007 (Michael Bugeja - The Sunday Times of Malta)

Their current long-distance arrangement hasn’t stopped Maltese duo Tenishia from forging ahead in their quest to the top of the international dance scene. With Cyprian in Malta and Joven down under in Australia, one can only admire the wonder of modern technology, through which Tenishia have managed to keep their creative juices flowing and their musical product blooming without fail.

This month is one of particular note in Tenishia’s diary as the duo releases two new tracks through Armin Van Buuren’s Armada Records. The first of these is Reasons to Forgive, which features Kirsty Hawkshaw on vocals and is the follow up to this year's massive hit Outsiders. This track has been listed as a personal favourite by Armin himself, as anyone within listening distance of his DJ sets in recent months can attest. The song will also be included on Van Buuren’s A State of Trance CD compilation. The second release, out on Coldharbour Recordings through Armada, is the long awaited Rush, featuring vocals from Jan Johnston.

Further to these releases, Joven will also be busy down under! On 09 December he will be playing at a massive beach festival in Adelaide. Also in the line-up is one Paul Van Dyk - enough said! Then on 01 January, he will be playing at Australia's biggest event, Summadayze, in Melbourne! All 30, 000 tickets for this event were sold out in two weeks, a good sign that it’s going to be one G-R-E-A-T party! The New Year is already looking busy for Joven with gig dates coming in fast from all over Australia and New Zealand – a fitting prospect after this year’s significant achievements by this talented young duo!

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