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Matyou Galea

Matyou Galea (b.1986)is a hyper-media sculptor and researcher working out of the island of Malta. Currently reading for a PhD in Digital Arts at the Department of Digital Arts, Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences within the University of Malta, where his research and practice focus primarily on the integration between software and sculpture. Galea works primarily in sound, video and the idea of social sculpture, locating the act of sculpture as an intervention in society rather than one in matter.

Galea has exhibited extensively in his native Malta, and overseas. His sculptural interventions attempt to dismantle the idea of segregated disciplines within the arts, in order to create hyper-disciplinary, multi-modal, and constantly mutable situations and scenarios. [1]


  • September-October 2017: ISIA Faenza, Italy;
  • Premio Nazzionale Del Disegnio
- February-March 2017: UN Human Rights Building, Geneve, Switzerland;
- March-April 2017: NRW Forum, Dusseldorf , Germany;
- April-May 2017: Leeuwarden, Town Hall, The Netherlands;
- July-August 2017: Villa Claudia, Vorarlberg, Austria.
  • November 2016: "In Transit", Greenwich University, London;
  • October 2016: Point and Shoot (Weapons of Mass Distraction Series), Universidade Lusofona Lisboa, Lisbon;
  • August 2016: Sculptural Situation for Articulated Lamp, Gallery Last Touch, Mosta;
  • November 2015: On the Rocks (Constructed situation for 3D Printer, Lamp and Frozen Evidence of Civilization on an Over Populated Island), Dar id Djalogu, Safi;
  • June 2015: Percezzjoni, St. James Cavalier, Valletta;
  • January 2015: Axra, Architecture Project (AP) Valletta;
  • November 2014: BYE BYE BIRDies, Malta,House, Brussels;
  • August 2014: Divergent Thinkers, Blitz, Valletta;
  • August 2014: Divergent Thinkers 03, Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta;
  • May 2014: The Bieganski Art Festival, WW1 Memorial Exhibition, Gallery Last Touch, Mosta;
  • September 2013: XiV, Blitz, St Lucy Street Valletta;
  • June 2013: Human, MCAST IAD, Targa Gap, Mosta;
  • July 2012: Revolution, End Of Year exhibition, MCAST IAD, Targa Gap, Mosta;
  • November 2011: Refreshments Provided, End Of Year exhibition, Malta Fairs &Conventions Centre (MFCC), Ta Qali;
  • October 2011: Kwalita Malta (Maltese Cultural Expo), Old University Building, Valletta;
  • July 2011: Malta Design Week, MCAST IAD, Targa Gap, Mosta;
  • September 2010: Flavors, End Of Year exhibition, Bornholm Art Museum, Bornholm, Denmark;
  • July 2010: European Ceramic Context 2010, St James Cavalier, Valletta;
  • September 2012: MCAST IAD End Of Year Exhibition & Public Works and Collaborative Projects, Ministry For Education and Employment, Floriana September 2012;
  • April 2012: Education Monument - Permanent sculpture, St Anne’s Square, Sliema;
  • December 2011: Installation for Ghanafest - Collaborative Project (temporary), Presidents Palace, Verdala;
  • January 2010: Nativity Crib, Mixed Media - Collaborative project (temporary), MCAST Library, Mcast Main Campus, Corradino;
  • December 2009: Three of Knowledge - Collaborative Project (permanent), President’s Palace, Valletta;
  • Nativity Crib, Collaborative Project (temporary).

Papers and Essays

  • Sculpting Sound Waves, Spatially Aware Instruments and Video Sculpture - Sound-Image Symposium, 2016 University of Greenwich, London, United Kingdom;
  • Sculpting Sound - International Conference Stereo and Immersive Media, 2016, Lisbon, Portugal;
  • Aural Representation Systems - MFA Dissertation, 2015, University of Malta;
  • The Shape of Sound – BA(Hons) Dissertation, 2013, Malta College for Art, Science And Technology (MCAST).

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