Mario Azzopardi (journalist)

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Mario Azzopardi was a member of the Union Press editorial staff and a composer of philharmonic band music.

He was born in Ħamrun on 26 March 1961 to Charles and Mary neè Mizzi. He joined the Union Press as sub-editor for the Daily News in October 1979 at the tender age of 18. During the early 1980s he also served the Union Press in various clerical roles, including advertising as well the Generalk Work's Union finance office. In 1988 he became sub-editor for the Weekend Chronicle but within a few months he became the founding editor of the TV guide Antenna.

Mario edited the magazine for close to twenty years and in February 1997 he became Chief Sub-Editor for the daily newspaper l-orizzont in charge of international news, and all entertainment and television pages.

In his home town of Ħamrun he was well known for his active participation in vaiour social organizations. First among these was the local Malta Labour Party Club where he started out as a member on the youth committee, Għaqda Żgħażagħ Soċjalisti, serving also as a member of the National Executive for the same. He was also Secretary of the Civic Club.

Music was a great love in his life. He was heavily involved in the St Gaetan Philharmonic Band Club as a musician as well as the club treasurer. He was also a key force in the founding of the band club's music school. During his tenure with the band club Azzopardi composed a number of marches, which have been enjoyed by other philharmonic associations all over the Maltese islands, as well as with Maltese social clubs in Australia and Canada.

In 1994 he was elected to the first Local Council in Ħamrun, garnering enough votes for his seat from the first count of votes.

He died on 7 February 2006 at the age of 44.