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Marie Louise Coleiro Preca - 9 th President of The Republic of Malta from (2014 - 2019)

Marie Louise Coleiro Preca was born at Qormi on 7 Dicember, 1958. Daughter of Anthony Coleiro and Judith neé Sammut and is the eldest of six children, five girls and one boy.

Born and lived in Qormi. Blessed Edgar and mother married to a young 20 year old duaghter.

Graduated from the University of Malta BA {legal} Humanistic studies and Diploma Notary Public.

Since from her younger age worked in volunteering, ie unionized students and youth, in aid of disabled people and the elderly, as well as socio-cultural unionized.

She was a founding member of Mercer Foundation and the Children Foundation Qormi.

At the age of 13 she begain to do volunteer work in the Catolic Action.

At the age of 16 years began her volunteer work in aid of the Malta Labour Party and later even within the General Workers' Union. Mine while she was PRO of the Student Union at the Polytechnic, she also was a member of the National Bureau of Socialist Youth Association and a member of the National Council of Young Workers Association GWU.

At a young age she was already an elected member of the National Executive of the Labour Party.

21 years was elected General Secretary of the Malta Labour Party. Not only was the youngest General Secretary of the Labour Party has ever had, but also the first and only woman ever, a political party in our country, occupied this post for 9 consecutive years.

Was also elected Chair of Labour which lasted Woman holding this office for 6 consecutive years.

It was in 1998 that challenged for the first time the General Election. Was elected as the Sixth District election in 1998, 2003 and 2008.

During these lawmakers she was entrusted by leaders of the party, Dr.Alfred Sant and Dr.Joseph Muscat as Key Speakers for the Opposition in the Maltese Parliament, to the areas of Social Policy, Tourism, Air Malta and the Health.

During these lawmakers in Parliament it is also served as a member on the Standing Committees of the House Standing Committee on Social Affairs, Committee on Foreign Affairs and the EU, Committee on Family and several times Committee on Bills.

While the Labour Party represented in various international fora, from 2008, was appointed on the Maltese Parliamentary Delegation to the Council of Europe.

On 4 March 2014 Prime Minister, Dr. Joseph Muscat announced, that the Minister for Social Solidarity, Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, is to be Malta’s ninth President of Malta. She will be the youngest President to hold office at the age of 55 years, when she takes over in April, as President George Abela’s term expires.

On 4 April, 2014 Marie Louise Coleiro Preca becomes Malta’s ninth President. In a long ceremony, that will take Ms Coleiro Preca from Ħal Luqa, to is-Siġġiewi, Qormi, Valletta and, finally to San Anton Palace and on Xarabank program, and on Saturday 5 April, she went to visit the sister island of Gozo.

Policy Experience

40 years of political experience. Occupied these positions in the structure of the Malta Labour Party

  • Elected member of the National Executive of the Labour Party;
  • Member of the National Bureau of Socialist Youth Association;
  • Member of the Association of Young Workers GWU;
  • General Secretary of the Labour Party (1982 - 1991);
  • President of the Labour Woman (1996 - 2001);
  • Member of Parliament (1998 - 2014);
  • Labour Spokesperson for Social Policy (1998 - 2008);
  • Labour Spokesperson for Tourism (2008 - 2011);
  • Spokesperson for Health (2010 - 2013);
  • Member of Parliamentary Delegation on the Council of Europe (2008 - 2014);
  • Minister for Family and Social Solidarity (2013 - 2014).
  • Political experience abroad
  • Attended, participated and addressed various international fora, including the International Congresses of the Socialist
  • International Women, Assembly of the Council of Europe, Mediterranean Congresses and Seminars, Conferences Commonwealth and the
  • United Nations International Conference on the Women and Children.
  • Experience outside the political
  • Public Service has the rank of Principal and worked in the Department of Statistics, at the Electoral Office, the Mediterranean

Conference Centre, in the Department of Information, at the Parliamentary Secretariat for Women's Rights, at the Department of Consumer, in the Parliamentary Secretariat for Self Employed, and at the National Archives.

  • Director on the Board of the Company Libyan Arab Maltese Holding Company, the Company Medelec, and Maltacom plc.

Volunteering Experience

  • Founder member of Mercer Foundation;
  • Honorary President of Qormi FC;
  • Honorary Vice President of the St Leonard Band Club Kirkop;
  • Founding Member and CEO of Children Foundation Qormi;
  • Founder member of the Valleys Action Group Qormi.