Maria Spiteri tal-Ġebel

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Marija Spiteri tal-Ġebel

Marija Spiteri Tal-Ġebel

is a young folk singer from Birkirkara. Born on the 22 of April 1994, she started folk singing at the age of seven, through an improvised verse bout. She was encouraged by Frans Baldacchino l-Budaj, who was at the time tutoring her brother, folk singer Toni Spiteri tal-Ġebel.

Budaj specifically wrote some verses for her to sing at the Razzett Tal-Markiż in Mosta. At school she always expressed her interest with her classmates, but they dispelled and at times ridiculed this musical genre as fit for elderly people.

She is dismayed that she is one of the few female folksingers in Malta, and that these were usually constricted to folk sing the għana tal-banju (washerwomen) model, since her preference is improvised verse.

Marija folk singing, aged seven

In June 2013 she folk sang in a duet with her brother Toni at the Buskett folk music event. She intends to continue folk singing throughout her life since, she claims, this traditional singing is held close to my heart.

Spiteri has Gozitan ancestry, from Xewkija, through her paternal side.

She took part in Għanafest 2014, where together with her brother Toni, she folk sang a makkjetta entitled Il-Battibekk.

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