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Maree Camilleri

Maree Camilleri born in Pietà in 1993, and brought up at Ħad-Dingli. She is an Actress.

She considers herself to be a very energetic and ambitious person, who tries to grasp every opportunity that life has to offer. From a young age, she always liked creativity and invention and Maree mostly likes to express herself through them. At six years old, she joined the Dingli Girl Guides and later on in her teens, she joined the Dingli Scout Group. These groups both encouraged her to try new things in a non-competitive environment, experience new adventures, and step outside of her comfort zone.

In the meantime, she was also involved in modelling, but due to her studies, Maree decided to put these activities aside and focus more on school. Being involved in drama at school, she was determined to further her studies in drama, after finishing her O’level exams. At that time, she thought it required less time than scouting and modelling, but she was so wrong.

Her first drama course was in summer 2008 with Take 2 Entertainment, and later on that year she was given the opportunity to portray a character in the TV series L-Evanġelisti. Only then did she start to realise what a commitment being involved in drama is. L-Evangelisti had given her a boost to continue studying drama.

Maree Camilleri and Dea Sammut

However, at that time Maree had started high school, she had a part-time job, had long hours of filming and she had to travel mostly by buses, so it was quite difficult to include anything else in her busy schedule. Since it was something she was very keen to do, Maree continued learning from the workshops which she attended, and mostly whilst on sets, by observing other actors and understanding the energy of each character. Luckily, when L-Evanġelisti came to an end, she was given more opportunities to take part in other smaller roles in drama series, which included a short film, commercials and music videos. This helped her learn even more. In the meantime, she also started to become involved once again within the Dingli Girl Guides by helping her friends, who are now the leaders within the group.

Having taken some time off in 2013, Maree started missing drama, so when Rewind Productions contacted her in April 2014 to offer her the challenging role of Winnie in the daily soap Ħbieb u Għedewwa, she was overwhelmed! Being involved in drama and TV requires a lot of commitment and time, but it’s very satisfying and fun, as long as you are prepared and manage your time well.

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