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The M3P Foundation, a non-profit voluntary organization based in Malta, is the legal entity registered as the operator of M3P.

The basic infrastructure for the M3P Foundation was established in late 2010 and registered officially in January 2011.

On 28 February 2011, the Commissioner for Voluntary Organizations assigned the M3P Foundation this identification number: VO/0491.

As a non-profit making organisation, any excess funds generated by the M3P Foundation are used in projects within the objectives of the Foundation.


The M3P Foundation sees music as a catch-all aspect of intangible cultural heritage and the term music is to be understood in its broadest sense. In most instances in the context of M3P, it is synonymous with media. Significantly, it is frequently also invoked in relation to "associated arts" including media and other aspects of performance and expressive arts.

The general aims of the Foundation are the following (as per the 2010 statute):

1. to raise awareness in regard to Maltese music and associated arts in the Maltese islands and beyond;
2. to preserve the cultural legacy of the Maltese nation through its expression in Maltese music and associated arts;
3. to facilitate pedagogical resources and academic research on Maltese music and associated arts.

The Foundation also has the following other objectives in its statute:

a. to advocate the power of music and associated arts in inter-cultural understanding;
b. to promote Maltese music and the associated arts, in and as of themselves, as well as effective educational resources;
c. to empower original artistic expression, inspire creativity and nurture emerging talent in Maltese music and associated arts, both in Malta and abroad;
d. to embed music and associated arts in the heart of Maltese civil society.

The foundation aims to achieve its objectives by:

1. creating a collaborative online multimedia database of Maltese media and associated arts, which will provide access to Maltese music and associated arts for all;
2. fundraising, and thereby financing, and otherwise aiding and supporting selected projects, persons, groups and companies engaged in demonstrating, informing or developing or raising awareness of Maltese music and associated arts in Malta and abroad;
3. initiating, organising or joining workshops, seminars, conferences and other activities and events promoting Maltese music and associated arts in Malta and abroad;
4. generally disseminating information about Maltese music and related arts, via the Internet, brochures, books, videos, DVDs, cinematic films, broadcast and other media.

Although the M3P Foundation is devoid of all motive of profit, it may receive contributions, gifts, grants and sponsorships for both general purposes and/or specific projects.

The M3P Foundation is independent of any political party or faction and will not support any specific political, religious or spiritual organisation or tendency above any others.

Administration Board

The Administration Board is the executive arm of the M3P Foundation. The Board is legally vested with the power to administer and manage the Foundation and is therefore responsible for establishing and implementing its policies.

  • Founding President: Toni Sant
  • Founding board member: Alex Grech
  • Founding board member: Michael Bugeja
  • Administrator/Secretary: Jes Psaila
  • Board member: Enrique Tabone
  • Board member: Martin Debattista

Former members of the administrative board

  • Robert Micallef (2012 - 2015)

Legal and judicial representation of the M3P Foundation is vested in the President of the Board or in any other person duly nominated by the Board.

The day-to-day management of the Foundation is entrusted to the Administrator.

Honorary Founding Members

In recognition of their help in establishing the M3P, the Administration Board has named the following people as Honorary Founding Members:

  • Andrew Alamango
  • Albert Bell
  • Steve Borg
  • Noel D'Anastas
  • Winston De Giorgio
  • Anthony Micallef-Grimaud
  • Rita Pace
  • Pierre Portelli
  • Amante Sant
  • Darren Stephens
  • Saviour Zammit


The Foundation has also consulted with the following individuals, who are experts in their respective fields, towards developing its policies and strategic plans:

  • Joe Axiaq
  • Mario Axiaq
  • Edwin Borg-Manché
  • Manuel Casha
  • Charles Farrugia
  • Marlene Galea
  • Charles Gatt
  • Albert Marshall
  • Giuliana Mazzoni
  • Jeanine Rizzo
  • Simon Wilson
  • Charles Xuereb

Organizational links

The M3P Foundation has established organizational links with the following, in one capacity or other:

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Further reading

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