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Loredana Agius was born on June 25, 2003 and she lives in Għajnsielem, Gozo (Malta). The little girl had a natural inclination towards singing from the tender age of two. She started her first vocal coaching at the age of four when she recorded the first song '44 Gatti'. At the age of five, Loredana started to participate in various singing festivals around Malta and Gozo. These singing festivals enabled Loredana to show her talents, charm and enthusiasm thus leading her to success. With her voice ranging to different pitches, she immediately steals the heart of many people. In fact, her youtube channel has exceeded 58,000 views.

Loredana's first international success was in August 2011, where she represented Malta at the Trixie International Art Festival in Bulgaria. Loredana won this prestigious festival with the original song 'Sorpresa', composed by Loredana's vocal coach Kaya (Priscilla Psaila) and penned by Christopher Azzopardi.

In December 2011, Loredana was also one of the finalists of the Carpathians Star Festival in Romania and achieved an Honourable Diploma amongst 38 participants.

In February 2012, Loredana was one of the participants of Ticket to Sanremo Junior 2012. This was featured during the programme Showbiz on OneTV and Loredana made it to the semi-finals!

The latest success for Loredana was in August 2012 where once again she represented Malta at the 'Tra La La Festival', in Bitola Macedonia and emerged victorious (1st place) in her respective category.

Even though only nine years to date, Loredana released three original songs in Maltese, one in Italian and has over 30 recorded cover versions. Also, Loredana participated in various TV shows and Radio programmes.

Apart from vocal coaching, she also studies the piano where she passed with flying colours the first grades of theory and practice of the Trinity Guildhall College, London.

Although Loredana is still young, she is currently working on new projects. Loredana is aware of her dreams and is aiming hard to fulfil them while holds surprises for the future!




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