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Lino Spiteri born in Qormi on 21 September 1938, was a journalist, economist, and politician.

He received his education, at The Lyceum, Malta, Plater College (1966-1968), and St Peter’s College (1971-1973), Oxford University, from where he obtained a Diploma in Social Studies (distinction); B.A.(Politics and Economics) (first-class honours), M.A.

Work Experience

Financial and business consultant (1997- ); Chairman, Bortex Group; Vhalmor Borg Import-Export Group; Famalco Group, P.Cutajar Ltd; Director & chairman, Internal Audit Committee, Middlesea Insurance p.l.c., Tumas Investments Ltd, Dolmen Properties Co. Ltd; Director, Medavia Ltd, Elektra Ltd, Zerniq Ltd, Ghabex Ltd; Aros Master Fund Sicav, Aros Paradigm Fund Sicav; Bray (Malta) Ltd, Bray Insurance Ltd, Celsius Global Funds SICAV plc, Munich Re of Malta Ltd, RCI Life Ltd, RCI Insurance Ltd; columnist, Malta Times; Sunday Times (1988- ); Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance (1996-97); Minister of Trade and Economic Planning (1983-87); Minister of Finance (1981-83); Central Bank of Malta (1970-81): Deputy Governor (combining the duties of Governor) and chairperson of the Board of Directors (1974-81), Research Department (up to Head) (1970-74); Research Officer, Malta Chamber of Commerce (1968-70); journalist, various editorial positions, including Union Press Head of Publications and Editor, The Malta News (1966-68); Malta correspondent for The Observer, and The Guardian (1967-70); reporter and columnist, Il-Ħelsien (1962-66); civilian clerk, UK Air Ministry Works Directorate, Malta (1957-62); teacher (1956-57).

Political Experience

Started his political career in 1957 as a member of the National executive committee of the M.L.P. he was also secretary general of the LLY, and in 1962 he successfully contested the general elections.

He also a regular contributor in the M.L.P. organ Il-Ħelsien, especially on industrail and political topics.

Member of Parliament (1962-66; 1981-98); member, Malta-EU Joint Parliamentary Committee (1992-96), chairman (1997-98); first chairman, Public Accounts Committee (1995-96), member (1997-98); Cabinet Minister (1996-97; 1981-87); opposition spokesman on Economics and Finance (l987-96); member, Malta Labour Party National Executive (1959-62; 1987-98); general secretary, Labour League of Youth (1961-62)

He retained his parlamentary seat in 1987 and 1992, becoming the opposition main Spokesman for finance and economics signed from this post. After the 1996 elections, Lino Spiteri was given the portolio of Minister of Economic affairs and finance but resigned five months later.

Other Experience

Member, Malta Broadcasting Authority; various selection boards for University positions; first chairperson, University of Malta Students' Selection Board; Malta's governor/alternate governor at International Monetary Fund annual meetings from l974 to l982; chairman, Working Group on Inclusive and Special Education (2004-05); President, Inspire Foundation (2008- ).

Other Interested

Between seasons 1968-1969 and 1970-1971 Lino Spiteri was involved in Sports as the President of Qormi FC. Under him the team win the Promotion for First Division. He resign from his rowl when he need to go to England to take a course regarding finace.

Writer - published various collections of short stories, poems, and a socio-political novel, as well as two collections of political and economic articles and essays and a collection of memories. Awarded National Book Prize for novels and short stories, 2005. He got a good number of books of short stories – Tad-Demm u L-Laħam u stejjer oħra (1968), Ħala taż-Żgħożija u stejjer oħra (1970), these two volumes were revesed and reprinted as Anatomija (1978) and iż-Żewġt Iħbieb u Stejjer oħra (1979). He also published Il-Ħalliel u Stejjer Oħra (1981), and Mal-Ħmura tas-Silla u stejjer oħra (1993) two poetry books. Spiteri is a regular columnist in local newspapers including The Sunday Times, It-Torċa, and l-Orizzont.


Companion of the National Order of Merit (K.O.M.), 2008.

Lino Spiteri was married, to Vivienne nee’ Azzopardi on 20 August, 1964. And got four children (Noelle, Bertrand, Lara, Lincoln).