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Life from Left to right:- Charles Sacco, Emy Dingli, Michael Galea, Victor Schembri, Joe Cilia

The band Life was formed after near the end of the year 1971 the band The Northbeats was stopped, and shortly after the group was formed again with the name of Life with Joe Cilia, Charles Sacco, Victor Schembri all ex-The Northbeats and other two members Michael Galea and Emy Dingli ex-members of Gogocats, now the group changed his style again and began to playing rock music, of Led Zepplin, Cream, Deep Purple, and Black Sabbath,the group combined together until the end of 1972.

Joe Cilia in 1974 joined another group The Keepers, the line-up was Saviour Cardona on organ, Carmel Camilleri on bass, and Horace Caruana as lead guitarand vocals, the drummer was Lapira but he after few weeks left the band, Joe contact one of his school teammate Tony Camilleri ex-drummer of another good band The Jaywalkers to join them, and now The Keepers change the name of another time to Life.

In this time Life begun to issure songs disc on 45 rpm and got a great successes to by one of the songs wright by Tony Camilleri “Ftakar Żmien l-Imgħoddi” and “Imħabba Tagħna” (1976) with this success try another two songs by Tony Camilleri again “Qawsalla” as an A-Side and B-Side “Paċi Vera”, the band contiune playing pop music of famous english bands, like Smokie and Hot chocolate, and playing various venues including Premier Cafe’ and Brittania and several other dancing halls, the group stopped in 1999.



  • Ftakar Żmien l-Imgħoddi [A-Side] [1976]
  • Imħabba Tagħna [B-Side] [1976]
  • Qawsalla [A-Side] [1977]
  • L'Imħabba tagħna [B-Side] [1977]

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