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'Dr. Kalċidon Zammit was a member of parliament for the Labour Party in the 1950s.

Kalċidon was born in is-Siġġiewi to Anthony Zammit and his wife Rosa Maria nee' Pisani, on 3 October 1919.

He attended the primary school in is-Siġġiewi and Ħaż-Żebbuġ. Later the attended the Lyceum in Ħamrun and the University of Malta where he graduated as a medical doctor in 1946, working closely with Professors Josie Debono and Alfred J. Craig, eventually serving as District Medical Officer between 1964 and 1979.

Dr. Zammit was attracted to political life early on in his career. In 1947 he was elected President of the is-Siġġiewi branch of the Labour Party.

He was subsequently urged to run for the house of representatives by Labour Party leaders Sir Paul Boffa and Dom Mintoff. He contested the 1950 and 1951 general elections on the 4th district but neither run was successful.

His first electoral victories came in 1953 and 1955. During his second term of office he was part of a delegation that visited Northern Ireland as part of Malta's exploration into the possibility of integration within the United Kingdom. In the 1962 election he failed to get re-elected and withdrew from big league politics.

He was a well known family doctor, and agricultural cooperative organiser. He remained active in social life thoughout his life. In 1999 he was elected to the is-Siġġiewi local council on the Malta Labour Party ticket for a two year term. Dr. Zammit was married to Carmen nee' Camilleri.

He died on 4 March 2003 at the age of 83.