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The Journal of Music Technology & Education (JMTE) is a British academic journal published by Intellect three times a year. The editor is Andrew King from the University of Hull. It was launched by Dave Collins from Doncaster University Centre in 2008. Allan Hewitt (University of Strathclyde), Evangelos Himonides (University of London), and Jonathan Savage (Manchester Metropolitan University) are associated editors. Rowan Oliver is the Book Reviews editor.

JMTE explores the issues concerning the use of technology in music education. It examines pedagogy at all levels and across genres such as composition, musicology, performance and music production. It is the only journal specifically dedicated to the educational aspects of music technology and the technological aspects of music. Peer-reviewed, with an international editorial board, JMTE aims to draw its contributions from a broad community of educators, researchers and practitioners who are working closely with new technologies in the fields of music education and music technology education

Abstracts from the journal are indexed in: Current Abstracts; British Education Index; RILM (Abstracts of Music Literature); Academic Search Complete; Music Index; TOC Premier; British Humanities Index.

Articles related to M3P

Sant, Toni. (2009), ‘Addressing the need for a collaborative multimedia database of Maltese music,’ Journal of Music, Technology and Education 2: 2+3, pp. 89–96 [1]

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