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Profs. Mro. Joseph Vella

Profs. Mro. Joseph Vella, was born at the Victoria. Gozo by Mro. Ġanni Attard and Annunzjata nee’ Attard. On 9 January 1942.

Learn the piano and the violin under his father who was musical director of the La Stella Band of the same city. He continued his musical studies with several colleges under which foreign Professors in 1967 obtained the Diploma 'Fellowship in the composition of the College of Music in London. In 1970 he attended an intensive course in Italy in modern composition under Franco Donadoni and direction under Franco Ferrara. In 1971 the B.Mus gab. from the University of Durham in 1972 and was re-attended the same course under Franco Ferrara at the La Fenice Theater in Venice.

At 16 years Mro Vella's first composed a music piece that was "Mood Three pieces. Since then both as a composer he wrote orchestral works, chamber and couple. Many of these compositions have been performed in Italy, France, Germany, Portugal, England, Ireland, Turkey, USA and Far East. Also wrote the oratorios, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Blood on the Verna as well as Sung-City winners. To Mro Vella also accompanies composer of marches festive, funeral marches, hymns and other sacred works such antiphons and Masses including the Mass in Re Maggiore.

Profs. Mro. Joseph Vella

As the Director Mro Vella directed many orchestras in Europe and in Japan. Reached musical director of the band club in 1974, and specifically in 1999 when the band club celebrated closing the 25th anniversary of this event the band club issued a CD with compositions Professor Vella.

Mro. Vella also accompanies take great interest in Maltese and Italian compositions of the 17th and 18th centuries located in musical archives of the Cathedral of Mdina. With concerts he gives from time to time and with the aid of Maltese musicians and choir which he founded with the name Academy one appreciates being more local musical talent.