Johanna "Jogelle" Gauci Loporto

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Johanna "Jogelle" Gauci Loporto

Born 21 February 1987, Johanna "Jogelle" Gauci Loporto grew up in San Ġiljan, a town in the tiny, sunny island of Malta in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. An R'n'B singer/songwriter, Jogelle now lives in Sylmar, Los Angeles, California.

Johanna Jogelle Gauci Loporto immigrated to the United States in 2007 at the tender age of 20 to pursue her lofty musical aspirations, against the concerned advice of her family and friends.

An avid fan of Hip Hop culture since childhood, Jogelle felt America - the birth place of Hip Hop and R'n'B - was where she needed to be.

There, in a suburb of Washington DC, she proceeded to begin the long and arduous journey toward making her dreams a reality.

Dreams vs Reality

As is often the case with young and naive dreamers, Jogelle found herself facing a very different situation to the one she'd fantasized about all her life. The huge culture shock was the first of many setbacks Jogelle had to contend with. Over the next several years, Jogelle continued to battle what appeared to be an onslaught of obstacles thrown her way. A bad marriage, divorce, terrible job experiences, chronic unemployment, homelessness, serious medical issues and subsequent surgeries, all while trying to graduate from college, were just a few of the stumbling blocks impeding Jogelle’s musical progress.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Towards the end of 2011, Jogelle found herself with a friend in Virginia. It was there, after a month-long recovery from her most difficult surgery, that Jogelle slowly started to work on her first musical project.

A year later, Jogelle moved back to Maryland to be with her new boyfriend, a fellow musician. Struggling to find stable work, Jogelle strove to strike a balance between making a living and making music. Her deepest frustration, however, remained with the fact that she'd never wanted to be in that part of the US at all. All her life she'd dreamed of California, a state noted for its abundance of artistic opportunity and beautiful weather, the latter of which Jogelle sorely missed. So in mid-2013,Jogelle started to formulate a plan to move to the West Coast.


In April 2014, Jogelle packed her bags, said her farewells, and moved to California. Thanks to friends with connections in California, she was able to find temporary accommodation in San Diego while she searched for work and a home in Los Angeles, where she intends to promote her demo album Multi-Faceted Me - her first-ever project - as well as begin work on new and better material. Her goals also include learning the guitar, incorporating her piano skills into her music, and learning digital music production and sound engineering, skills she hopes will give her artistic independence. She also wishes to dabble in acting.


Johanna "Jogelle" Gauci Loporto
  • Jogelle has 2 younger sisters - Sarah, 24, a journalist, and Louisa, 20, a marketing student - both passionate musicians.
  • Languages are Jogelle's second love after music, going so far as to major in Spanish in college, which she speaks fairly fluently. Like many other Maltese people, Jogelle speaks fluent English, Maltese and Italian, and she can communicate fairly well in French. She also possesses a basic knowledge of Arabic.
  • Jogelle's other academic passion is Anthropology. While she has no formal training in the subject, she owns several books on the matter.
  • Jogelle's other hobbies include swimming and lying on the beach, playing video games, reading, going to theme parks, hiking, drinking lots of tea, watching fantasy films and TV shows and jamming to 90's hip hop music. She wishes to add cycling and skating to this list in the near future.
  • Nomad - Jogelle moved a grand total of 12 times during her 7 years in America so far. This doesn't include the many short stints on friends' couches!
  • While she loves all things fantasy, Jogelle claims her obsession with Harry Potter is "unhealthy".
  • Jogelle acquired American citizenship in July 2013, making her officially a Maltese-American.



Multi-Faceted Me (2013-2014)

  • Broken Promises
  • Out of Breath
  • Angel Like You
  • Relax (ft. Tony T)
  • The Struggle
  • Deceptive Smiles
  • Fly to an Island (ft. The Savior)
  • Release Me


  • Kill - Gutter Brothers ft. Jogelle (2013-2014)

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