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Jodi Heckenlaibke

Jodi Heckenliable born on 29 August 1987. rise up at Qawra. She is a singer.

Back in 2004, Jodi Heckenlaible met Ian Zerafa (Rhythm Guitarist, Vocals in the band and also her boyfriend.) Back then, she was still in her initial stages singing wise. Ian introduced her to acoustic rock and she fell in love instantly. From then on, I knew that this was my path – singing with live musicians! We performed in a few bars for a while, but eventually took a four year break.

Jodi joined her first band in January 2010. Although it was a great experience, she didn’t feel as if it was the direction she wanted to take, musically. So, she started her own project in 2011 where she was once again joined with Ian, musically. They have always had a special connection which made creating music fairly easy and flowing.

Jodi Heckenlaible

Today I'm reminiscing the past two years of my life in remember coming back from Wales back in December 2010 with an aim! an aim to push myself as much as I can and get as involved as possible in the music industry!I'm Thankful for my first band Risis. im thankful to Sigmund Mifsud for short listing me for my first concert in Sir Temi Zammit Hall and for a couple of very education competitions after that and of course, Rockestra!!:))

I'm also thankful to Matt Borg who invited Ian Zerafa and I to gig at Rock Squared and for believing in us and being a great friend. I'm Thankful to Wayne Camilleri for believing in both Ian n I so much!For introducing me a number of awesome musicians and great people which lead to the most amazing events ever, such as Xirka Rock!!:))

Im also thankful to my uncle Joe Tanti who always pushed me to work harder with his honesty and constructive critique. thanks for never bullshitting me unc!!i love u so much for being who u r! honest and no bull!:) Gianni Zammit and his team for showing me how fun Eurovison can actually be!!:)) thank u Strummin' Home for making me part of such an amazing group of hard working and talented ppl!!i'm thankful to the amazing musicians i got to collaborate with Project MoJo (Malta)- u all know who u r!;) i'm even thankful for haters who gave me more drive and ambition!:P Finally im thankful to my family and friends for their love and support and to the most imp person in my life, Ian!Who introduced me to live music 9 years ago and still writes music with me today (and im sure for many years to come!) u can call me corny or silly for writing all of this, but waking up to several pics of recent performances filled me with joy and inspiration so i just had to let this out!:)

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