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Dr. Jimmy Farrugia was medical doctor who spent many years a politician representing the Partit Nazzjonalista, and Acting President of the Republic of Malta in the late 1980s.

He was born in Ħal Tarxien on 14 May 1922 Farrugia studies at the Lyceum and the Royal University of Malta where he received three degrees between 1944 and 1946: B.Sc, Ph.C, and M.D. On receiving his qualifications as a medical doctor from the university in 1946, he became a member of London's Royal College of General Practitioners.

Between 1950 and 1962, Dr Farrugia worked as a general practitioner with the General Workers Union, in the union's Benefit Scheme. In 1965 he was a also a regular medical consultant for Id-Dar tal-Providenza, Malta's first home for the physically and mentally handicapped. For a number of years he also served as President of the Malta Catholic Action Movement and the Council of Lay Persons.

Farrugia was elected to the House of Representatives with the Nationalist Party in 1976 and kept his parliamentary seat until 1986. During this time he served as shadow minister for culture and mediated between doctors and the government on a major dispute in 1977. He was appointed Speaker of the House of Representatives in July 1987 and held that post until 1988.

He was subsequently appointed Malta's ambassador to the Holy See at the Vatican in Rome. During the 1990s he often served as Acting President of the Republic of Malta.

Jimmy Farrugia was married to Doris nee Tanti.

He died on 25 November 2006 at the age of 84.