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Jessica Pisani

Jessica Pisani born on 3 September, 1990 at St Luke’s Hospital in Tal-Pietà. Grown up at Ħ'Attard now lives in Senglea. Jessica is an Actress.

Daughter of John Mary Pisani and Carmen nee’ Borg with a family of three stublings Juanita, and the twins Jessica and her brother Miguel.

She get her education in Erin Seracino Inglott girls Secondry, Cospicua and MCAST Paola.

Jessica career started since she was a little girl at school, she always was involved near the stage take care all connections with the play, or takenpart, she loves direction a play that bring more thing to love as direction, and at the same time performing arts indimenticable satisfaction.

Her mother always involved her in childrens programs on PBS kids as well as one on tv, and from this time she begin to love the media. With stage and television spend about 10 years now, active and hope to continue in future.

Today Jessica is 23 years old, and have a very busy life, she was a step mother of a 4 years son, named sheznil, and in a few other months she will be married to Senglea Atheltic footballer Erin Azzopardi.

Jessica take several drama couses and workshops for her drama career, with Free Spirit Acting, 4 People and Take 2 Production, Square Wheel Entertainment Production and Rock Opera Group, and done with them Print musicals've Done, Avoid, Jesus Christ Superstar, Phantom Of The Opera, and We will Rock You.

Jessica Pisani in ‘It-Tfal’ as Mandy

With Bee Media Entertainment Production Jessica was involved in this productions Il Mozares and Dħalna fl-Army.

Besides stage experience Jessica got also television experience when she got 2 years main part in Qalb in-Nies, one episode secondary part in Dellijiet, extras and experience parts in Gizelle and Evanġelisti, Secondry part in Prima Facie in 2013, which consist one of the victim as Lara.

Presentley Jessica is currently working in the teleseriel It-Tfal view on One TV made the part of important character Amanda or Mandy.

By them ...... Mandy, Mandy energy to a second child in her family which consists of 4 min people But not all roses in her family because her father and lowercase was in a wheelchair and therefore can not work from other hand it should not really be a big help in the family is even bigger problem for families that is know well with police.... Mandy home exterior has a totally different energy reaches and enters succeed purposes mind work in Galea & Sons company to continue to meet the purposes of grip Mark it as a child of the boss who already saw in episodes that were a skill passed on before him and from there begins his one lie after another to ....... mented episodes continue to follow in the next weeks.

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