Ivan Farrugia

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Ivan Farrugia

Ivan Farrugia, born on 7 June, 1977 comes from Sta Luċija now lives at Xgħajra. He was the son of Paul Farrugia, the guitarist of the popular band The Followers in the 70s, was raised listening to his own dad’s music.

Due to noise problems at home, Ivan had to give up on a drum kit and opt for an acoustic guitar, but the urge to make himself heard persisted and thus sang along to his tunes.

In his fervent teenage years Ivan dragged his guitar wherever he went, being a BBQ with friends or a school activity where he loved to entertain his friends with prominent songs of the time. He played in various amateur bands but was never interested in the music industry.

Some 20 years later, Ivan wanted to take his passion for music a step further. In 2015, he got in touch with his long-time friend Bernard asking him to consider the idea of forming an acoustic duo and enjoy some jamming sessions together. Bernie & Pod was founded that same year.

Ivan’s penchants for the music genres vary widely but his favourite artists remain to be Johnny Cash, CCR, George Ezra and Mumford and Sons.