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In Stereo is an Australian boy band active since 2016.

In Stereo is made up of members Jakob Delgado, Ethan Karpathy and Chris Lanzon – the son of Maltese-Australian immigrants Ingrid German and Peter Lanzon.

Both Ethan and Chris were contestants on the first (and only) season of The Voice Kids Australia in 2014. They were also a part of The Voice Kids: The Concert tour. In 2015, In Stereo auditioned for The X Factor Australia and made it to the eighth place.

They released their first EP She's Rock n Roll in April 2016, following it up in July 2016 with The Speed of Sound.

Day In, Day Out was released on July 7, 2017. It reached the top position on the Australian iTunes pop charts and is made it to Number 4 on the iTunes Albums charts, just hours after its release.

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