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from their website:

I'n'I is an original project that was created by Dario Vella Catalano, Matthew Cilia and Fran Darmanin when these three musicians decided to put their musical and artistic talents to good use. The main aim is to send a message to the public on how one can meditate, get to know themselves better and become one with themself (I’n'I) through such musical voyages.

Their first aim was to create an album entitled “Lost in The Woods”, which would deal with the various decisions anyone may face and eventually make from different angles and perspectives through the voyage of life.

Dario plays the guitar, writes the music, lyrics, and edits the music. Matthew plays the didgeridoo and is also responsible for the artwork, video editing and lyric writing. Fran plays the bass and draws the art.

Together, I’n'I embark on a musical journey to thrill your ears and stimulate your minds with their Tribal-Psychedelic music.

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