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Mro. Henry Camilleri

Mro. Henry Camilleri was born in Ħaż-Żebbuġ on 6 August 1937. Married to Salvina née Cortis and have three children. In 1955 came a teacher with the education department and in 1966 he began teaching music in state schools.

He began studying the flute decade under conductor Ġeraldu Farrugia, having switched to clarinet. Since the first showed it promises, his parents sent him to continue the study at the composer Mro. Carmelo Pace. This headmaster taught harmony, the kontrapunt and orchestration to the Maestro Camilleri could obtain the diploma of Associate and Licentiate of the College of Music in London. In 1968 he was awarded a scholarship year study music in England.

His progress was such that it attracted the attention of so many committee when Ġeraldu Farrugia Headmaster in 1970 resigned from his post of headmaster, the committee of the Club Society St. Joseph and Banda De Rohan had no difficulty , and appointed to the Henry conductor Mro Camilleri De Rohan Band. The Headmaster Farrugia formally passed the wand to his former ALLIEVI musical program during the De Rohan Band was execute on the occasion of the Feast of Victory Żebbuġ.

Between 1955 and 1970, the Camilleri Headmaster held several posts in the committee and in years before 1960 was the player as committed tremendously, especially when the Banda de Rohan began coming to the first centenary birthday - a story that no hand in these islands was celebrated by those times.

So, was among the key to the committee prompted his friends to collect the history of the band. Despite the difficulties encountered, a young man was himself filled interesed power reshuffle in archives and libraries share the band to find a hundred years before. The findings documented saw the light when Mro Camilleri publised on journal, and despite the criticism, nobody managed to challenge the fact that Banda De Rohan under the leadership of Mro. Andrea (Indri) Borg was born in 1860 and was the first national band Malta.

Mro. Henry Camilleri, so had the society at heart that his role within the club Society St. Joseph and Banda De Rohan as a band musician, member of the committee, Band Musical Director and actor collected De Rohan Band history.

The Mro Camilleri completed his post with the Każin San Ġiużepp u Banda De Rohan in 1976. Soċjeta Filarmonika Pinto Banda San Sebastjan (1978 - 1983) the 12th May Band and Social Club of Ħaż-Żebbuġ (1981-1993) and La Vittoria Band Club Mellieħa (1982-1983).