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This help page provides an initial outline for a (provisional) M3P taxonomy.

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The main category for this top is Category:A-Z of the Malta Music Scene

See also: Special:CategoryTree


Category:A-Z of Theatre in Malta

Category:Actors from Malta
Category:Actors from Gozo
Category:Male Actors
Category:Female Actors
Category:Theatre Directors from Malta
Category:Theatre Directors from Gozo
Category:Maltese Playwrights
Category:Maltese Musicals


Category:A-Z of Broadcasting in Malta

Category:Maltese radio stations
Category:Maltese TV stations
Category:Rediffusion-Malta employees
Category:Xandir Malta employees
Category:Broadcasters from Malta BUT Category:Maltese Broadcasters currently active - only one needed: note format used for other areas
Category:Male Broadcasters
Category:Female Broadcasters
Category:Maltese radio announcers
Category:Maltese TV announcers
Category:Maltese radio DJs


Category:A-Z of Dance in Malta


Category:Maltese Diaspora

Australia & New Zealand

Category:Maltese-background Who's Who in AU & NZ

Category:Maltese migrants to Australia
Category:Maltese community leaders in Australia
Category:Maltese community workers in Australia
Category:Australian of Maltese descent
Category:Australian musicians of Maltese descent
Category:Australian singers of Maltese descent]

North America

Category:Maltese migrants to America


Category:A-Z of Politics in Malta

Category:Maltese House of Representatives Speakers
Category:Maltese Members of Parliament
Category:Presidents of Malta


Visual Arts

Category:A-Z of Visual Arts in Malta

Category:Visual Artists
Category:Female Visual Artists from Malta
Category:Female Visual Artists from Gozo
Category:Female Visual Artists from Outside Malta
Category:Male Visual Artists from Malta
Category:Male Visual Artists from Gozo
Category:Male Visual Artists from Outside Malta
Category:Fondazzjoni Kreattività Art Collection
Category:Visual Art Exhibitions in Malta
Category:Visual Art Works





Category:Festivals in Malta

Category:Newspaper articles

Category:Press releases

Category:Years of the 21st century in Malta

Category:2010 in Malta
Category:2011 in Malta
Category:2012 in Malta
Category:2013 in Malta
Category:2014 in Malta
Category:2015 in Malta
Category:2016 in Malta



Category:Event Posters & Flyers
Category:Video Releases from Malta
Category:CD releases from Malta
Category:Vinyl Releases from Malta
Category:Oscar Lucas Photos
Category:Sammy Murgo Photos

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