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Whenever pages about song contests are created, these guidelines should be followed to ensure consistency across different events of a similar nature and through the various years.

Preliminary checking

Is the contest listed?

The first thing to check is whether the contest in general, rather than the specific edition, is mentioned on the list of Song Contests in Malta.

If it is listed follow the appropriate link to view a list of the various editions of that particular contest.

If it is not listed create a link to it on this page. Please be careful not to duplicate names or use any name other than the official title as it appears on the souvenir programme and/or official logo for the event.

How is the particular edition named?

Some contests go by edition number, others simply include the year as a way to indicate. It is essential that each edition is named the same way as given by the event organisers.

If an event is commonly known by the year, but the official name is attached to the particular edition number, than simply create a #REDIRECT page to ensure that the page is easily found.

Is the edition listed?

Each set of events under the same name should be listed on a generic page to ensure that general information pertaining to the history and development of the event over the years is captured in an appropriate manner.

All editions are to be listed on the generic page in ascending order, with the earliest edition first and so on until the most recent edition.

Individual event page structure

Lead paragraph

As with all other pages, there should be a lead sentence or paragraph describing general fact about the event. Here are a couple of examples:

The 35th edition of L-Għanja Tal-Poplu was held on Saturday 4 December 2010 at the Grand Ballroom of the Hotel Phoenicia in Floriana.


Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2012 is the television show by which PBS selected Malta's entry to the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Baku, Azerbaijan between the 22 and 26 May 2012.

The lead paragraph should also include a sentence or two about each of the following things, if available:

- Details about the preliminary selection/s - Details about the broadcast, including station name, name of hosts, as well any other related information. - Information about the main prize, if this hasn't already been mentioned in the lead sentence.

A high-resolution file containing the logo for the event should be uploaded and included with the lead paragraph whenever possible.


The first subsection should be about the songs.


Various rounds of a contest should be listed in ascending order (i.e. as they happened), if the data is available. Each round should be included as a child section of the sub-heading == Songs ==

Such rounds normally include:

Preliminary phase

This includes all the songs submitted for the contest in response to the original call.

Quarter Finals

This phase is less popular on most contest as it normally involves a set of rounds to establish you goes to the semifinal.


A semifinal is common and popular, and in some cases there may be two rounds of semifinals.


By definition there's only one final. This is the round where the winner is declared clearly.

Table/s of songs

All competing songs should be listed. If there are quarter finals or semi finals then sub-sections for each of these can be created, in ascending order, with the final listed last.

Songs should be listed in a table, adhering to the following format whenever possible:

# Artist Song Composer/s Lyricist/s
1 replace singer replace song name replace music song writer replace lyrics song writer
2 replace singer replace song name replace music song writer replace lyrics song writer

If a list of finalist songs with points and/or placing is to be included, it should be in a table with in format:

Draw Artist Song Composer/s Lyricist/s Judges Televote Total Place
1 replace artist replace song name replace music song writer replace lyrics song writer 0 0 0 0
2 replace artist replace song name replace music song writer replace lyrics song writer 0 0 0 0

Edit (add/remove) columns as necessary, depending on type of voting data available.

The Winners

Details about the winners, runner up, and other prizes given at the contest should be listed under a subsection called The Winner or Winners, as appropriate.

Judges or Jury

A list of judges (or in most cases The Jury) comes next.

Sponsors etc.

Sponsors and other details come last.

External links

A list of relevant external links should be added at the bottom of the page, in the regular format common to all other pages.


At the very least the page should be tagged with the category Music Events in Malta. Other appropriate categories should also be added, especially if the contest has a category tag with which this particular edition would be included along with others like it.

Links to other editions of the same contest

Links to other editions of the same contest or related events are included through templates, which transclude common information and links across all related events. A list of available templates is indicated through the top level page Song Contests in Malta.