Godwin Spiteri n-Niċċu

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Godwin Spiteri n-Niċċu

Godwin Spiteri n-Niċċu.

is an improvised verse folksinger. Born in Birkirkara, he emigrated to Canada as a young man.

Little and sparse information has been collected about the Maltese folksingers in North America.

Exchanges and visits between those from the Canadian cities of Toronto, London and Windsor and the U.S. city of Detroit were frequent, usually through the initiatives of Karmnu Xuereb In-Namru and Johnny Catania.

Spiteri folk sang in the farewell event held to In-Namru prior to the latter's return to Gozo in the 1990s. Attempts are being made to integrate their contribution to the Maltese national memory.

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