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Georgea Falzon

Georgea Falzon born on 10th November 2003 and lives in Ħal-Qormi. She is a violinst and composer. She was sister of Nicole Falzon.

At a very early age she showed interest in music and in all type of instruments. She began violin lessons at a young age of 6 years with Mr Valhmor Montford and achieved very good results both in theory and practise. Later on she showed interest in other instruments mainly the piano, guitar, ukulele and the drums. Recently she also attends piano lessons with Mr. Anthony Fsadni.

Currently she attends the St Ignatius College at tal-Ħandaq in Qormi, and is in form 5. For the past years she helped other students to play the Ukulele and the same group of musicians played during various school activities.

Georgea Falzon

At this young age she already played with various small orchestras mostly with Valletta Ensemble directed by Mro. Valhmor Montfort and Chorus Princeps Melitae directed by Mr Stephen Camilleri. A nice experience was her partacipation with the citizens orchestra where she played at Teatru Rjal, Valletta.

At the age of 14 years she composed her very first piece of music. Clifton Casha, who is a teacher at her school, showed interest to write lyrics for this piece of music. Georgea asked her friend Amber Grace Scerri to sing this new song, called "Iljun" which is about true friendship. Amber recorded this song and was chosen amongst the finalists songs for L-Għanja tal-Poplu Żagħżagħ 2019.

Georgea's dream is to continue her studies in music and in future be part of the Malta Philarmonic Orchestra.