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George (Ġorġ) Scicluna is a Maltese author, winner of Malta's Literary Prize in 1975.


George Scicluna was born to Salvatore Scicluna and Giuseppa (nee Grech) in Victoria Gozo (Malta) on February 2, 1922. He studied at the Lyceum (Liceo) in Victoria and became a public school teacher. After serving in the Second World War as a soldier, he went to England to study at St Mary's College. He returned to Malta in 1947 and became a Head Master at Kercem Primary School until his demise on the 4th of December 1974.

George was married to Georgina (nee Scicluna) and had four children: Alvin, Josephine, Noel and Annette.

Literary works

George Scicluna wrote "Il-Mara li Għexet" in 1964; this literary work was broadcast on Rediffusion soon after. However, Scicluna's first novel "Il-Qassis li Rebaħ" was published much later, in 1970. His third novel "Ulied Subien u Bniet" was not published. In the final months before his death, George penned 2 novels, "Ommijiet u Missirijiet" and "Bin ir-Russja". Despite of the advancement of his short illness, he had also started working on another novel, "Belt ix-Xemx" and although he did not finish it, he dictated it for future publishing.


George Scicluna was the winner of the Literary Prize (Premju Letterarju) in 1975 for his historical novel "Il-Mara li Għexet", published by Klabb Kotba Maltin.