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George Muscat

George Muscat was born in Qormi in January 1962, George is currently married to Monica, has one daughter Maria and is presently resident at Naxxar. He received his education at the Salvatore Dimech School for Craftsmen under the tutorship of Gabriel Caruana between 1975 and 1978 and has also attended various courses by Maltese and foreign artists which together with experimentation on his part contributed in making him become an excellent thrower and in acquiring a number of hand building and glazing techniques. George creates a world that recalls the mysteries of the environment around us. In this sense he opens a window onto a world which the viewers are wanted to see while shades of his character and soul are kept shielded in each ceramic piece.

This is better manifested in his works exhibited in a solo exhibition for the first time in 1997 and also in participating in a number of collective exhibitions both locally and abroad.

Better evidence of this are the seven solo exhibitions which have been organised by him to date.

Between 1996 and 2001, George was entrusted with an evening ceramics class for adults at the same school in which he had studied. In 2001 he presented a TV series where he interviewed Maltese ceramists. George has introduced Raku technique as a course in Malta where he started giving raku lessons at MCAST Institute of Art and Design. Being currently a part-time lecturer at MCAST, besides working with young artists, he also gives evening courses to mature students both in ceramics and raku techniques. Currently he is the president and founder of the M.R.A, Malta Raku Association.

"George Muscat’s work communicates so fluently the wider picture, that of the highly experienced ceramist who relentlessly works within the medium in both abstract and figurative idioms, and on the conceptual and functional frameworks."[1]

Vince Briffa

Personal Exhibitions[2]

  • 2014: VIP Lounge – Malta International Airport;
  • 2014: “China Cultural Centre”, Valletta;
  • 2013: “Forces” St James Cavalier, Valletta;
  • 2011: “On Site” St James Cavalier, Valletta;
  • 2009: “Changing Metaphors in Clay” Middle Sea, Floriana;
  • 2005: “The Art of George Muscat” Ir-Razzett l-Antik, Qormi;
  • 2001: “The space within” National Museum of Fine Arts, Valletta;
  • 1999: “Laminae” National Museum of Fine Arts, Valletta;
  • 1997: “Differenti” Civic Centre, Mosta.

Collective Exhibitions[3]

  • 2009: Rotta ta’ l-Arti – Dar Centrali, Pieta
  • 2008: Rotta ta’l-Arti – Dar Centrali, Pieta
  • 2007: 6th National Art Exhibition/Competition
  • 2007: The 2nd Malta – Cyprus Ceramics Exhibition
  • 2007: Mater Dei Sculpture Competition/Exhibition
  • 2006: 5th National Art Exhibition
  • 2006: Silver Palette, Competition
  • 2006: Bornholm European Ceramics, Denmark
  • 2006: Summer Arts Festival, Freedom square, Valletta.
  • 2005: Six Generations of Maltese Contemporary Artists, Valletta
  • 2005: Summer Art Collection, Hilton, Malta.
  • 2001: “Ulisse ritorna nella costa degli Dei” Provinces of Calabria, Italy
  • 2001: Mediterranean Nights Ruins of Royal Opera House, Valletta
  • 2000: Mediterranean Nights Ruins of Royal Opera House, Valletta
  • 2000: The 5th Cairo International Biennale for Ceramics Cairo , Egypt
  • 2000: Horticultural Spring Show San Anton Gardens
  • 2000: The Third Biennale of Christian Art Cathedral Museum, Mdina
  • 2000: Persons with Disability Foyer, Hamrun
  • 1999: Horticultural Spring Show San Anton Gardens
  • 1999: Ceramics this Decade Foyer Hamrun
  • 1998: The Second of Christian Art Cathedral Museum, Mdina
  • 1998: PBC International 40th Anniversary
  • 1998: Mediterranean Nights, St James Cavalier, Valletta
  • 1997: Mediterranean Nights, Floriana

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