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George Bianchi was born at Ħal-Qormi on 14 April 1945.

He was the first child among a large family of eight children, Since he was young he had at had at heart,played football, the church, writing and bands. He played with Qormi FC in the 1963-1964 to 1965-1966 seasons later he moved to Floriana FC and even had played with Vittoriosa Stars.

He wright many poems, novels, articles and lyrics, about everything, and about storic avveliments happened in the St George’s Parish Church,

Bianchi, a native of Qormi and a great devotee of Saint George, patron saint of both Qormi and Victoria, used to cross over to Gozo every third week of July to participate in the festivities in honour of the martyr-saint of Lydda.

He is renowned mostly for his pen since he was the author of numerous poems, mostly of a religious nature. Every year he used to write a poem in honour of St George, his own patron saint. He loved his native town of Qormi and wrote the official hymn for the town, with music composed by Mro Sebastian Camilleri.

George Bianchi was Chev and got many writing works, George wrote the anthem of Ħal-Qormi, the main song for the Wine Festival Ħlewwet l-Għenba sing every year by Rebecca Bonnici and Joe Farrugia, and the ballad Is-Seba Duluri.

Had several poems published in various magazines, and has time to take care of publication and Leħen Ħal-Qormi and Benjtina besides take care the Band club St George publication.

Published a book about St George b'poeziji several poeżijiet, several writers diferrenti, spendin some as an editor of the-year feast pubblication from Għaqda tan-Nar 23 April.

Author of the whole cd 14 song album B'Ġieħ lill-Kbir Martri ta’ Lidda music by Andrew Zammit issue in 2000. Write many hymns of saints to other parishes in the last one of San Ġużepp of Ħal Għaxaq, poems and articles with hundreds of ' in many publications

George was editor of several magazines and books feast except what was being write before he died and did not reach lestih about the history of his life times as his biography.

George collapsed on Thursday as he was listening to the Vespers in St George’s Basilica and was quickly taken to hospital; he must have passed away soon after.

He was given last salute in the Church of St George the Saint that he always loved with pecked with Qormi people and friends

He passed away on 19 July, 2013 at the age of 68.