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George Agius (19 March 1946 - 2 June 2000) was a Maltese singer from Qormi.

He started singing with a church choir in his hometown parish dedicated to St Sebastian. In 1966 he took part in his first festivals and by 1969 he was already a participant in national song contests. In fact he took part in the Malta Song Festival for 1969 and 1970 organised by Żgħażagħ Ħaddiema Nsara.

In 1980, George toured Australia with concerts for Maltese emigrants in the continent. The tour was so successful that he was asked to return the following year. During his Australian trips, George published two discs and a cassette.

When national song contests started to be organised by the Ministry for Culture, George won 1983 edition with Ħabib Tinsiex. The victory meant that he had to represent Malta in an international festival organised in Alexandria Egypt. With the same song George won the Best Singer Award. Composer Dominic Galea was rewarded for the Best Composition.

Parir ta’ Emigrant became George's most popular song after it successfully participated in a number of festivals.

In 1989 George played a main part in Rock Opera Bastille commemorating the French Revolution's 200th anniversary. The Rock Opera was organised as part of Iljieli Mediterranji at Argotti Gardens in Floriana. Later in the year further performances were given at the Radio City Opera House in Ħamrun.

In the 90’s, George and his band Take-Five used to entertain tourists in a number of local hotels. During the same period, they also published a record with the song Ġuvni u Tfalja.

Apart from singing, George was also a horse racing fan. He even took part in races as a jockey.

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