Għana fil-għoli

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Għana fil-għoli, also known as La Bormliża taking its name from the city of Bormla where it was popular, is a high-pitched form of Maltese għana.

Bormliża singing requires males to reach into extraordinarily high soprano ranges without breaking into falsetto. This style mimicked the early informal għana sung by women, but due to its extreme vocal demands, this style is very seldom practised.

Għana fil-għoli favours the musical qualities of the voice as the song develops in melodic contours over the regular pulse of the guitar while other types of għana such as Spirtu Pront and Fatt are driven by verbal play and narrative. The prolonged melisma of the words draws the listener along with them, inviting him to stay with the sense and colour of the sound, rather than attempt to follow the meaning of the words.