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Future Voices

The Future Voices Choir was founded in 2011, a year after Future Voices Studios was open. Future Voices Studios is under the direction of Iona Dalli.

Iona Dalli was thought music by various music teachers both locally and abroad, she was mainly vocally trained by Mr. Carlo Fenech.

In 2010 Iona Dalli started to do individual vocal coaching to young children and a year after the idea to start her own choir group came up. The idea was to form a choir for a one time event, but things went really well and the choir continued to grow. After the first event the choir immediately started getting invitations to perform in various events so the choir kept on getting bigger and better.

Dance routines are also part of the choir’s performance.

The choir has also been invited to perform abroad a couple of times. In 2014 the choir was invited to take part in the Carnival of Malta which was held in Tunisia. The event was a success and the choir got the opportunity to sing in front a big crowd, which was made up of hundreds of people.

In 2015 the choir was invited to sing in Spain but unfortunately the offer had to be turned down as Iona Dalli had already planned to take her students for a 7 day course at Sylvia young Theatre School in the city of London, England.

Members who attended this course got to meet and work with the vocal coaches of well known artists such as: Amy Winehouse, Rita Ora, Emma Bunton and so on.. At the end of the course members took part in a live musical show at the school were they all had solo parts.

Future Voices groups at Future Voices Christmas Concert 2015

In 2016 the choir was invited to sing in the well-known carnival of Acireale in Sicily. This was a huge opportunity for the choir members who attended. The choir performed all through the streets of Acireale.

This year the choir had to be split up in 3 groups, because of the number of children who were in the choir. The choir was split up as follows : The children’s group , the juniors group and the teens group.

All 3 groups perform separately on stage, but the groups join forces when big events come up were stage space is not limited. Time goes by, some members continue to be part of the choir, some leave other new members always at the moment the choir groups are formed by :

Children’s Group:

Danielle Caruana, sarita Caruana, Krista Camenzuli, Ally Mae Camenzuli, Yasmine Camilleri Testa, Eve Tabone, Alicia Bonnici, Samyrah Bonnici, Kaysia Petrovic, Marie Chenery, Elena Caruana, Danica Farrugia, Alaizah Scherri Caruana, Faith Caruana and Trisianne Attard.

Juniors Group :

Josefa Schieda, Nicole Caruana, Francesca Agius, Elena Caruana, Danica Farrugia, Alaizah Scherri Caruana, Faith Caruana, Trisianne Attard, Laura Cappello, Kyra Aquilina, Shaznell Zahra and Geona Muscat.

Teens Group:

Amy Zammit, Giulia Cassar, Hanna Dalli, Lianne Dalli, Kamy Dimech, Marija Bellia, Rebecca Rotin, Ruslana Briffa, Aicha Cassar.

Apart from vocal training soloists and choir groups, Iona Dalli also owns her own recording Studio Future Voices Recording Studios fully equipped with recording equipment.