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What can I do in M3P?

In M3P you can create new pages to add any of the following:

  • Press releases
  • Information about unlisted artist/s and/or popular persons
  • Information about associated points of interest (venues, broadcasts, releases...)
  • Reproductions of published features, interviews, reviews etc.

If a main page for whatever you're promoting already exists, feel free to add to it by clicking on the edit button that appears at the top of the page, once you're logged in. Feel free to add anything you want to your personal User page (you can get to that by clicking on your username at the top of the page, once you're logged in). This is a great way to capture personal observations on opinions. You can also upload:

  • Images
  • Audio files
  • Video clips
  • Scores
  • Lyrics
  • and more...

What is a cleanup tag?

This is for pages that don't conform to our desired style quality. The tag is removed once text is corrected.

What is an edit summary?

An edit summary is a brief explanation of an edit to any page. We don't have further details on this specifically for M3P, but you can view the detailed explanation on Wikipedia, which is excellent.

Is there a taxonomy (Categories) for M3P?

Yes, but this remains a work in progress. A list of main categories is provided as a way to establish a provisional taxonomy, with the aim of providing consistency across different areas of interest.

How do I sort the database order?

For example, how do I make Joe Borg appear under B in an alphabetical category list, rather than J?

By default, a page is sorted under the first letter of its full name including the namespace. Also, the MediaWiki software that runs this site groups special characters separately from their regular version, so pages starting by Ġ, Ż, Ċ, etc. will be listed under separate headings, instead of under heading G, Z, C.
It is possible to set a default sort key which is different from the page name by using the magic word {{DEFAULTSORT}} thus:
You simply need to ensure that you enter the appropriate name you want to sort instead of Joe Borg.

Would you like to help M3P work better?

If you're familiar with MediaWiki you can probably lend a hand by taking a look at the M3P to do list.

Another place to look for things to do is on the M3P Community Portal.

If you're not already known to an M3P admistrator, please make yourself known. The easiest way to do that is to add information about yourself and your skills/interests to your personal User page - you can get to that by clicking on your username at the top of the page, once you're logged in. This is also a great way to start capturing personal observations on opinions.