Frans Azzopardi ż-Żott

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Frans Azzopardi ż-Żott

Frans Azzopardi ż-Żott

was born on the 8th January 1953 and hails from Qormi. He started singing at the age of 27, and is one of the few folk singers who practices the high-pitched model La Bormliża. He started folk singing in 1973 at the Shooter's Club in the parish of San Ġorġ in Qormi, with Wiġi Cassar Il-Pewx.

Amongst the sessions he sung, Azzopardi recalls the event which grouped him with Fredu Micallef Il-Kampjun, Salvu Cassar Il-Ħamra and Ġuzeppi Cesare s-Santuċċi held in Siġġiewi.

In June 2013, he participated in Għanafest together with Ċensu Carabott Il-Bukku. He is resourceful and has a clear and melodic voice and he prefers the melisma form, known as għana bit-tkaxkira, għana bil-ksur.

Some folk enthusiasts refer to him as tal-kappell, since he is always seen sporting a hat at the għana events he attends. Although he has rarely performed in folk singing events, with the right encouragement, he has the potential to become an esteemed folksinger through his very own merits. His cousin is Qormi born Kalċidon Zammit ta' Redew, who later emigrated to Australia.

Frans Azzopardi ż-Żott and Vince Cumbo tal-Iżgej in Żejtun, August 2013.

Folk singing remains in his family's veins, with two of his cousins children being young folksinger Gabriel Briffa ż-Żeżin and folk guitarist Frankie Zammit tal-Krikk. It is unknown if reel recordings of his folk singing existed in circulation among għana followers. However recent recordings featuring Azzopardi have been uploaded on

Azzopardi runs the Klabb tal-Boċċi San Ġorġ in Qormi, where he hosts folk music events.

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