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Francesca Attard, from Xagħra, Gozo, was born on April 23, 1997. She’s the middle child out of three siblings, who she absolutely adores. Out of all the things she loves, her family comes at the top of her list.

Francesca graduated in Maltese from the University of Malta in 2018. She started working as a Maltese teacher at San Anton School, but journalism was always at the back of her mind. Three years later, when PBS announced they had a vacancy, she decided to take a chance and apply, but her hopes weren’t too high, considering it was the most prestigious TV station, the National Television. She went for the interview, she answered all the questions, but she didn’t hear from PBS for about two weeks, so she thought she didn’t make it. But, exactly on the two week mark, PBS got back to her saying she was the chosen one. She was thrilled, ecstatic and out of words.

In the last two weeks of August, Francesca stepped into PBS to do some job shadowing, before the official starting date, which was September 1, 2021. She used to spend a day’s work with different journalists to see what they would do from day to day. She would accompany them on coverages, go with them on radio, see how they record voice overs and basically learn the system they use. It didn’t take her long to grasp everything, and on her second day of shadowing, she was already doing voice overs for the 8.00pm news bulettin.

September 1st will be a day to remember for Francesca as she officially joined the PBS family and started working as a broadcast journalist. She’s only been there for a few months, and so far, her job revolves around writing and recording news features for TVM and TVM News +, as well as reading the News bulettin and news updates on Radju Malta 1 and Magic 91.7.

This is only the start of her career and we hope to see more of her in the months and years to come.