Festival Internacional Da Cancao Da Serra Da Estella

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INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL STAR MOUNTAIN SONG Portugal was perhaps the only country in Europe where there was no international festivals songs for young people. National, yes, there are many; but international, not. And this situation was a little incongruous, especially at a time when more and more young Portuguese participate in competitions of this kind in many countries - and collect it awards ...

Serra Estela

The International Song Festival of Serra da Estrela (FICSE) has put Portugal on the map of major international festivals of song. And a Europe where a proliferation of festivals of this kind, there is naturally the most and the least projection, let us be the ambition of wanting to start from the top league. Although not want to take bigger steps that leg, we believe that the effort that the lifting of such an initiative requires justifies certainly we intend to put this project a great professional rigor, which can fit at a time, the quality of the artistic content (in the background, the essence of the Festival) and the playful side that can not fail to be present in essentially directed to children and youth event.

Forgive us if immodesty, but the fact that the FICSE be responsible for the return of Portugal to the world of international festivals forces in a way that our Festival to want to rub shoulders with its major European counterparts ...


It was the dynamic action of the Municipality of Seia, immediately seconded by the Tourism Centre of Portugal, which made ​​possible the realization of this Festival. The subsequent accession of trade and the region 's industry has come to value an event that will surely go beyond the set of performances that are held within the walls of the Municipal House of Seia Culture , giving the event an economic, tourist and cultural that everyone will enjoy. The technical support of WAFA - World Association of Festivals and Artists (responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the most important international festivals) is the complement that enables us to predict with certainty that everything will go as planned.


The many dozens of participants and their companions, domestic and foreign, that in the last week of August visit Seia and the Serra da Estrela will be very welcome. Will meet a beautiful and hospitable region of our country, where the natural beauty and human quality go, always, hand in hand.

Normaly the Festival was held between 27th August till to 30th August.

The Festival

Maltese Singers till now did'nt took part in this festival.

Here is a full list of the editions where Malta has taken part:

No Edition Year Singers Song Section Placing Video
01 1st Edition 2015
02 2nd Edition 2016