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Evelyn Bonaci was a politician.

She was born in Sliema on 29 November 1916. Bonaci pursued further studies in piano and music.

Bonaci lived among politicians. Her first experience of the trappings of politics was when she acted as the foremost canvasser for her husband Louis, better known as Ġiġi in the 1953 and 1955 elections on the MLP ticket.

In 1961, Bonaci helped Agatha Barbara establish the women’s section within the Malta Labour Party. She was later president of the women’s section of the Birkirkara MLP club and later on a member of the national executive committee.

She continued to work in the Birkirkara constituency and was pushed to contest the 1966 elections by Dr Albert Hyzler. She was elected in the 1971 and 1976 elections. In 1995, Evelyn Bonaci was made officer of the National Order of Merit (MOM). She was married to Louis and they had five children: Tessie, Alfred, Winnie, John and Nadia.

She died on 15 December 2008 at the age of 92.