Evelyn Arrigo

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Evelyn Arrigo

Evelyn Arrigo (9 December 1946 - 4 June 2017) was a Maltese broadcaster. She was the sister of one of the pioneers in Maltese broadcasting Charles Arrigo.

Evelyn Arrigo

Born in Valletta on 9 December 1946, the youngest of 7 siblings, her father Roger and mother Carmela. Charles Arrigo was the eldest of the siblings.

When young she was an active member of the Legion of Mary. In 1965 she was one of three chosen members of the Legion that travelled to Sicily to introduce the Legion to the city of Ragusa.

After a career working at the Department of Health she began to present radio programmes. Her most popular programme, called "Night Shift", used to be broadcast live during the night on Calypso Ten 18 radio station. The programme was very popular both locally and abroad especially in Australia.

Evelyn died on 4 June 2017 at the age of 70.