Ebejer, Francis and Damian: A Research Project

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Ebejer - Francis and Damian is an ongoing father / son artistic research project at Spazju Kreattiv which started between Thursday 25 February 2016 and Sunday 27 March 2016 at the Centre's Spazju A.

Though Francis Ebejer (1925-1993) is well known for his vast contribution to Maltese literature, he was also a keen visual artist who produced numerous drawings in different media. And the concept behind this project is exactly about this lesser-known facet of Ebejer – as a visual artist and the influence on his son’s artistic sensibilities.

The project, therefore, took a look at Damian Ebejer’s response to his father’s continuous search to Malta’s Mediterranean identity, while providing fascinating insights into how Francis Ebejer weaved his literary musings into visual narratives expressed through symbolic motifs, also, jotted down on paper. Damian’s own works are a reference to this environment, but given the guise of enigmatic figures, landscapes and abstract forms.

The project included a visual representation of a selection of works by Francis and Damian Ebejer at the Centre's Spazju A, a seminar and on site interviews, and educational visits by students.

An oral history interview with Damian Ebejer was held in the Centre's Studio B about himself and his father.

See interview transcript: Ebejer, Francis and Damian: Oral History.

As part of this project, a plaster bust of Francis Ebejer made by the sculptor Anton Agius has been loaned to Fondazzjoni Kreattività, which is in the process of exploring the creation of a bronze cast of the work to be placed permanently within the walls of St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity, with another replica possibly housed at Teatru Manoel.

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