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Earth was an exhibition by the artist Charlot Cassar held at St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity between the 22nd October 2010 and the 5th December 2010.

Exhibition Description

From exhibition notes written by Charlot Cassar:

This exhibition celebrates earth in its unmitigated glory. It is a collection of works that reveals my fascination with geological formations as I trace unchartered lines etched on the earth’s surface and explore its unadulterated shapes, forms and voids.
Each tableau is an assemblage of clay slabs that lie next to each other creating a tantalisingly familiar landscape that has no direct contextual reference to the real world. Made from earthenware clay slabs fired to 1060ºC and mounted on board, the pieces explore the poetics of an almost surreal landscape. Fluid lines, texture and vibrant colours characterise the compositions, which often describe imagined, deserted places. The works suggest an earth in a seeming state of order – a structured chaos bound by elemental forces in a given moment in time. Stripped of all things trivial, the landscape becomes a transcendental and almost spiritual experience, a chant that induces a primordial and instinctive state of consciousness.
Earth’s beauty never fails to enthral me and I cherish a primeval longing to be one with it. My earth is sometimes desolate and arid, sometimes lush and alluring but always hauntingly beautiful. I invite you to explore it with me.

Exhibition Contents

The exhibition contained the following earthenware clay artworks by Cassar, all created in 2010.

Burnt Siena Confluence Crystal Clear In the Beginning Inner Spaces Oceanea Pangaea Two Lands Weathered Earth
Burnt Siena (detail) – Earthenware Clay, 2010.png Crystal Clear – Earthenware Clay, 2010.png In the Beginning (detail) – Earthenware Clay, 2010.png Inner Spaces, (detail) – Earthenware Clay, 2010.png Oceanea, (detail) – Earthenware Clay, 2010.png Pangaea, (detail) – Earthenware Clay, 2010.png Two Lands (detail) – Earthenware Clay, 2010.png Weathered Earth, (detail) – Earthenware Clay, 2010.png

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