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Thomas Pirotta (1933-1975) was a Maltese Dermatologist and Author in Melbourne, Australia.

Early life and career

Thomas was born in Valletta on April 1, 1933 and lived in Żebbuġ, Malta. He studied at the Lyceum, the Royal University of Malta, and the University of Adelaide, Australia, qualifying MBBS in 1955. He then proceeded to the UK where he continued his education as a surgeon in Edinburgh as well as in London (1961-1962), and obtained his FRCS.

Dr Pirotta migrated to Melbourne where he continued his specialisation (FRACS, 1963). He was one of the first to develop hair-transplant techniques. Thomas was also very popular with the Maltese community and was involved with various organisations at various times.


Dr Pirotta is the author of a number of specialist publications in his field.

  • Pirotta, T: Hairgrafting, Australasian Journal of Dermatology, 14(3): 121-6, 1973.
  • Pirotta, T: POR 8 versus adrenaline as a vasoconstrictor in scalp surgery, Australian & New Zealand Journal of Surgery, 42(1): 82-4, 1972.
  • Watkins AB, Pirotta T: Medical Journal of Australia, 1(10): 493-4, 1972.
  • Pirotta, T: Hair-grafting: a practical possibility, Medical Journal of Australia, 2(12): 590-2, 1969.
  • Pirotta, T: Tubo-colic fistula, Medical Journal of Australia, 1(2): 54-6, 1969.
  • Pirotta, T: Larsen-Johansson disease, Australian & New Zealand Journal of Surgery, 33(3): 230-3, 1964.

Thomas Pirotta married Patricia Flaharty.

He died tragically while piloting his own plane over Adelaide on the 3rd of March, 1975.


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