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Cruz is a Maltese pop rock group that came public attention in 2010.

The band was formed in the later part of summer of 2009 through a virtual meeting between singer Marilyn Mifsud and guitarist Rob Gatt. Marilyn had just released her debut solo single Where My Head's Been, and when the song reached the number 1 spot on XFM Maltese radio music chart it became evident that putting a band together was the next natural step. Marilyn and Rob went through a series of jamming sessions and auditions, and finally settled on a five-piece band with boths PG Mollicone on drums and JP Mollicone on keys, and bassist Chris Xuereb.

After a few months of work, the band went live at a well-received gig at a Muddy Waters Bar in St Julians on Thursday 13 May 2010. This was follow-up with a series of summer gigs, including opening for Eve Ransom at Rookies in Buġibba on Friday 11 June 2010, an appearance during the MTV Music Week 2010 on Sunday 27 June 2010, and at the Farsons Great Beer Festival on Tuesday 27 July 2010. Their most notable appearance during the summer of 2010 involved supporting local band Winter Moods on The Granaries in Floriana in front of an estimated 6000 people on Friday 30 July 2010. Cruz earned their place as opening act after winning a competition set by Winter Moods themselves in collaboration with radio station 89.7 Bay.[1]

Since then the band has locked itself up in the garage again for some more song-writing, whilst releasing the studio version of the debut single Red Tape, which secured their place as the opening act for Winter Mood concert. The band is currently in an intense period of song writing , looking forward to emerging with the new material on the scene in the new year 2011.

Red Tape was featured on the 231st edition of Toni Sant's Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast on Saturday 23 October 2010.


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