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Claire Baluci

Claire Baluci was born at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 8 March, as Claire Angèle Baluci to a family of Maltese artists and now she lives in Ħ'Attard. Claire Baluci is considered as one of the ultimate exponents of the show organist music scene. An award-winning organist, she has been internationally acclaimed for her brilliance and inspiration in live performances.

She started learning classical, jazz and other genres of music at a young age. Claire was fascinated by the sheer majestic power and beauty of the organ, so at the tender age of eight, she started her organ studies at the Yamaha School of Music under the guidance of renowned Japanese music professor – Theresa Filmer. In these early years, Claire played in various concerts and participated in a number of competitions placing first. She won the Brashes Australian Music Scholarship and was consequently invited to perform in the prestigious Town Hall of Victoria.

On her family's return to Malta, Claire pursued her studies in pipe organ, theatre organ and pianoforte under the direction of Fr. Albert Borg and Mr.Anthony Spiteri. At age fifteen, she was awarded the Associateship and Licentiate diplomas in organ performance by the London College of Music and Media (University of West London), followed by the Advanced Certificate (ABRSM). Claire was elected as a Fellow of the London College of Music at eighteen. In her constant search for music knowledge and artistic perfection, Claire is currently reading a Doctoral degree in Music.

Claire Baluci is the winner of both the 1998 and the 1999 European Organ Championships held in Germany. On both occasions she was additionally awarded the 'Mark Shakespeare Memorial Cup' for brilliance and outstanding performance. In the subsequent year - 2000, her presence at the Championships was requested in the role of guest performer and judge; a fitting tribute to her achievements in the musical field to date.

Claire Baluci

Claire has received numerous favourable reviews by top European critics and music magazine editors. She is also a member of the strong Böhm Music International (Germany) Team of top organists. She has been invited and performed in various concerts and music festivals in Malta, Australia, Germany, England, Italy, the USA and other countries; both as a soloist and together with other well-known musicians and singers.

Claire Baluci's music repertoire is unconstrained by any existing genres or traditions. She mixes the classical and pop styles in a contemporary manner that appeals to her wide audience of all ages and cultures. Claire's music repertoire masters styles from one end of the musical spectrum to the other: classical, big band, latino, theatre and film music, pop; creating a kaleidoscope of contemporary sounds that transcends human boundaries and limitations, transporting her audience to a spiritual and ethereal plane facilitated by her artistic skills. There is music to cater for every occasion, to suit every type, to fulfil every need, comply with every mood and satisfy every whim. Her performance exemplifies the essence of existence bringing all life's elemental forces into perspective in one coherent whole.

Apart from being a professional musician, Claire Baluci is also a research scientist. She holds a Doctorate in Biological Sciences and a Doctorate in Biology, having specialised in the fields of biomedicine and cell technology. In 2002, Claire was elected Chartered Biologist and Member of the Institute of Biology (UK), and was later awarded the pan-European professional title of European Professional Biologist by the European Countries Biologists Association (ECBA), Belgium. Last year, she was awarded Chartered Scientist status by the Science Council (UK).

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