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Cherton Caruana

Cherton Caruana born on 5 June 1987, comes from San Ġwann. She is a singer.

Cherton tries to find a balance between her passion for Music and her commitment to her Real Estate profession with Remax. As a child she took part in various school productions and was encouraged to start taking vocal lessons.

At the age of 10 she started taking singing lessons and formed part of a Choir conducted by Doreen Galea. The first competition Cherton took part in was "Mini Miss International" organised by Modelle International which took place at the Mistra Village Hotel.

This went really well as she placed first winning the title of 'Mini Miss International' where she had to represent Malta in Ukraine. In this competition Cherton showcased her talent in both dancing and singing . After Cherton’s first successful competition , she then took part in various shows and festivals where she always achieved good results and practically placed in every competition she took part in.

She also hosted shows as well as small parts in Maltese National TV and local programs. Cherton began to gain confidence through her first job as an animator at the Mistra Village Hotel.She then took part on a TV SHOW called BRAVI and a few years later on SFIDA. Cherton auditioned successfully for a Scholarship in Cambridge UK for a School of Performing Arts.

Notwithstanding the fact that this coincided with other commitments, this positive news still helped her to focus with determination on her musical career. Cherton continued taking vocal training till about 5 years ago when she moved to London as she got offered a job offer in Real Estate. In London she was taking a few singing lessons by the passionate singing vocal instructor Joshua Alamu who has worked with major labels and TV shows like the BBC’s , The Xfactor and The Voice UK.

A number of big life events, including the passing of her beloved grandmother, indirectly led Cherton to take some time off from music to focus on her personal life.

In 2015 Cherton surprised her husband by singing the song 'At Last' of Etta James at her wedding. Most of her friends and colleagues were unaware of her talent as she was living in the UK. Since the wedding day everyone has been encouraging her to start singing again as she has a great talent which shouldn’t be thrown away. Presently she strengthened her focus on her music career as past experiences have shown her, without music life would be void and meaningless . Cherton is now the resident singer on the popular weekly primetime programme on national TV ‘Xarabank’ and she is now one of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2017 finalist with the song ‘Fighting to Survive’ by Dean Muscat and Boris Cezek